Your wallet might blossom like flowers

NetEnt really made the impossible possible: who would have thought it was possible to do anything with flowers except admire them? In Flowers slot game, the high-quality artwork makes everything brighter and entertaining.

The slot has 5 reels and 30 pay-lines with the background dazzled with giant yellow, white, and red flowers. The low value symbols are A, K, Q, and J. The higher value symbols are: green plant, yellow sunflower, blue flower, red rose, pink flower, and a blue-bell like flower. A winning combination will comprise of flower symbols of a similar feature for example 10 red roses.

Although Flowers has 5 reels and 30 pay-lines, it is still possible for you to win 10 of a similar kind combination. This is because all flowers are either double or single on the reels. If for example you get 2 double and 3 single symbols of the same flower, you will get to be paid a 7-kind combination. There are single wild symbols on each reel at the onset of the game. These symbols will substitute for all symbols with the exception of the scatter clouds. The scatter clouds trigger free spins.

There are many other additional wild symbols which allow you to win easily. Special symbols include the sun wild and the cloud. The free spin is triggered by a single or double cloud.

Betting Options

NetEnt’s Flowers Slot has 5 reels and 3 rows as well as a total of 30 win lines. You will need to set the betting level that you feel is suitable for you. The betting levels run from level 1 to level 5. The coin values range from € 0,01as the minimum, and the maximum value as € 0, 50.


Theme & Special Functions:

Free Spins
The Flowers game is a little more complex than your average slot game. This makes it even more fun to play. Landing a bonus game will require some tactical thinking. The various flower symbols are in singles and doubles which make predicting the bonus game quite challenge. You will need to be very watchful of the number of clouds that are on every individual symbol

To get a free spin, you have to land either 8, 7, 6, 5, or4 cloud symbols so that you bag 30, 25, 20, 15, or 10 free spins respectively. This may sound easy to do, but it will only be so if you are very keen on the symbols. Try as much as possible not to be distracted. When you trigger the bonus, you will be awarded the corresponding number of spins which will be multiplied 3 times.

Once you trigger the bonus, the wild symbol is substituted with a stacked card. This means the stacked card can cover all symbols that are on an activated reel when it lands in the correct place. To make it even better, you can get more free spins when you land additional cloud symbols.

How to play
Another great thing about Flowers is that it comes with the Flowers Touch counterpart. You can now play this lucrative and cheery slot on your Smartphone or iPad. If you have and iPad, you will get to enjoy the slot even more; the size is right for you to get every aspect of the game. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t play on other mobile devices or phones, they will give you a good experience too. The cool part about NetEnt Flowers slot is that it does not lose its quality when switched to the mobile app. The features and graphics are as clear and precise as those on a video. The soundtrack remains the same entertaining piece too.


The Flowers slot is a bright and cheery game that will keep you in an upbeat mood. Winning is quite simple so go ahead and take a shot at this game.

Battle you way to 100,000 coins with Fisticuffs

The Fisticuffs theme revolves around boxing. Everything from the wilds, symbols, and reels are all boxing themed. In this game, 2-3 players may be required to fight to expand the wild symbols in an attempt to cover more positions. The game has no bonuses or free spins. However, there is a re-spin feature that gives you more wilds and extra spins. The maximum win is 100,000 credits which is equivalent to 500 times the stake (for combined spin and re-spin only). The set carries a percentage payout of 96.7% so you have a very good chance of winning.

There are specials wilds on the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd reels in the main spins. The stacked symbols are on the 5th and 1st reels and can be won during the re-spin. The wild symbols can be substitutes for all symbols with some having special features. A skinny moustached boxer is the wild on reels 2 and 4. A fat guy in a hat is the wild on reel 3. If the skinny guy is in a horizontal line with the fat guy, he will be hit to form a wild line in the direction from which they are boxing. If the fat boxer is 1 space above or below a skinny boxer, they will jump and hit the fat boxer and give you an extra wild. A double fight and re-spin is triggered when there are 2 or more skinny boxers fighting a fat boxer.
Betting Options

Fisticuffs is played with 10 fixed lines and 7 different values of coins ranging from €0.01 to €1.00. You decide on the amount bet by multiplying the bet level with the bet line and coin value to select the amount you are betting on. For example, the minimum amount you can bet for a spin is: level 1 multiplied by 10 bet lines which is doubled (because of the two-way win feature) multiplied by lower coin value of €0.01 = a total €0.20. The maximum amount you can bet is level 10 multiplied by 10 bet lines which is doubled (because of the two-way win feature) multiplied by the maximum coin value of € 1,00 = a total of €200 per spin

Fisticuffs is a moderately complex game under the low variance category. This makes the slot perfect for any casino player more so, the casual players. The payout rate is 96.7% with a jackpot of 100,000 coins.

Theme & Special Functions

There is no distinct bonus feature however, the bonus takes place within the game play. There are 2 mini bonus features within the Boxing Feature: the straight wild on the 3rd reel and the mini bonus that is activated when the diagonal wild appears on the 2nd and 4th reels next to it. The diagonal wild removes the straight to reel 1 of 5 that makes 3 wild symbols in one row. These remain in place until a re-spin occurs.

Diagonal Wild
When a diagonal wild appears on the straight and diagonally, the symbol above or below it becomes wild and these remain in position until a re-spin occurs. Stacked wilds appear during the boxing re-spin and on the boxing feature. Re-spin stacked wilds appear on reels one and five for some extra winning combos.


Fisticuffs is an extremely enjoyable game to play especially if you love boxing. The animation is very amusing and winning is not that complicated. The background music is relaxing and complements the action very well. If you are a casual player or are out to make some easy win, then Fisticuffs is the game for you.

Let Excalibur show you the way to your reward

Excalibur has been on the market for some time and still remains popular thanks to its innovative designers. The most striking feature is the golden wild symbol. This wild multiplies all wins in substitutes and with a 4 times multiplier. The game also has other wilds that multiply the wins up to 2 times. The free spin is straight forward where all your wilds are multiplied. You can win a maximum of 120 credits which is equivalent to 1.500 times. The top winning combination is 5 wilds but the golden wild doesn’t multiply this win. The wild symbols are on the 5th, 4th, 2nd, and 3rd reels while the golden wild symbol is on the 3rd reel. All wilds substitute for all symbols except the scatters

Betting Options

There are various coin sizes and you can bet between 0.01-1.00 coin per line for every spin. The game is customized to meet your budget and playing style. The jackpot is 10,000 coins. You can win this top prize by spinning left to right on an activated 5th pay-line.

Theme & Special Functions

Excalibur comes with very thematic symbols such as The Evil Queen, The Dark Knight, King Arthur, The Sorceress, and The Prince and Princess. Others include the Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and 10

The Golden Goblet is the scatter symbols and this unlocks your free spins. The golden goblets don’t have to be on a win line or next to each other. If you spin 2 or more of the scatter symbols, you will be awarded a multiplier that will be based on which number you have spun in.

The jackpot and Excalibur symbols are the wilds. These two will enable you make a lot more winnings. The Excalibur wild can be substituted for any win to give you 2 times the payout. The Gold Excalibur is on the 3rd reel and quadruples any win it completes.

When you spin 3 or more Goblet Symbols you get free spins. Any winnings that you get while on the free spins mode, is tripled making it a very profitable round. There are no bonus games, however, given the easy and numerous options of winning, then bagging a win should be quite easy.


Excalibur has been around for some time and the fact that it is still in some casinos is proof of its popularity. It requires only a few players therefore you master the slot. The game is not only fun but the pleasurable Olde English background music puts you in the mood for winning.